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Instortvloerdoos Velox 2.0 type 50

The OCS VELOX 2.0 meets all the necessary installation standards required for modern office buildings. The synthetics used in the VELOX 2.0 are completely halogen free and UL94-V0 flame-retardant making it a safe and widely used product.

Velox 2.0 is ideal for renovation and new builds. The standard floor box is delivered with 4 prewired earth connected sockets and an 8-way data-panel. Eight conductor ports of 20 millimetres each are made to lead the wires to the 230V and data-units easily. Two big cutaways are made in the lower part of the floor box which can be removed to connect the floor box easily in narrow spaces.

The standard Velox is 50mm tall, but is also available at 32mm, the unique assembly height for renovation projects. In this case, the floor box would be delivered with a 4 x GST18-3 (or Winsta) female connector and an 8-way data-panel.

The lid, colour RAL7024, contains a large cable guard allowing the lid to be easily closed once the plugs are connected. Such a design prevents people from falling over any opened lids and ensures customer safety. As well as the synthetic lid, the Velox 2.0 is also available with a stainless steel lid, ideal for parquet or stone with a 15 mm thickness. 

Multimedia: For meeting spaces or rooms in offices or hotels the Velox 2.0 is available with a special panel equipped with all possible multimedia connections. The panel (including modules) is available separately, but can also be assembled in the floor box prior to delivery. The modules are also available to purchase separately. For instance you can choose from: CAI, USB 3.0, USB-charger, HDMI, VGA/Audio or DVI.

Article numbers: As is the custom of OCS, all our floor boxes have their own simple article number. The standard versions can be found in the article number overview below. Are you looking for something in particular? Feel free to ask for a noncommittal quote.



Product description

Water resistant 

IP class: IP20 (Suitable for dry areas).

Conductor ports

The square case made of Sendzimir galvanized steel is equipped with 16 conductor ports suitable for 3/4 tube. The conductor ports are located right behind the socket and data panel.


Casing: Sendzimir galvanized steel 1,0 / 2,0 mm.
Lid: 3 mm steel plate with plastic frame suitable for carpet or lid made of stainless steel.

Colour Lid

Lid with frame suitable for carpet: silver sheet steel with a grey synthetic frame (RAL7024).
Other RAL colours available on request.

Lid made of stainless steel: stainless steel colour.


Type 50 mm 

Casing excl. assembly footing: 251 x 251 x 50 mm.
Casing incl. assembly footing: 251 x 283 x 50 mm.

Synthetic lid: 270 x 270 mm, inlay: 3-4 mm.
Lid made of stainless steel: 270 x 270 mm, inlay: 15 mm.

Type 32 mm
Casing excl. assembly footing: 251 x 251 x 32 mm.
Casing excl. assembly footing: 251 x 283 x 32 mm.

Synthetic lid: 270 x 270 mm, inlay: 3-4 mm.
Lid made of stainless steel: 270 x 270 mm, inlay: 15 mm.


Suitable for 350 kg, safety factor  2, if correctly installed.

Extra information


Grijs, Metaalkleur



Type unit





4-voudig, 8-voudig


1x230V, 1xCAI, 1xDVI, 1xHDMI, 1xKabeldoorvoer, 1xVGA, 1xXLR, 2xAudio, 2xTulp, 2xUSB, 2xUTP/STP



Article numbers


Uitvoering 50 mm – kunststof klapdeksel Artikelnummer
4 x 230V + 8 x data uitsparing33.70.006
4 x 230V + 4 x leeg33.70.007


Uitvoering 50 mm – RVS 15 mm deksel Artikelnummer
4 x 230V + 8 x data uitsparing33.70.008
4 x 230V + 4 x leeg33.70.009


Uitvoering 50 mm – RVS 15 mm deksel
zonder rand 
4 x 230V + 8 x data uitsparing33.70.021
4 x 230V + 4 x leeg33.70.022



RVS opvulsetArtikelnummer
RVS opvulset t.b.v. kunststof klapdeksel33.70.018
RVS opvulset t.b.v. RVS deksel33.70.019


Other versions available on request.

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