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Instort – en holle ruimtevloerdoos servicebox

Concrete and hollow space floor box SERVICEBOX

The OCS SERVICEBOX is a practical solution to conceal any cables, ideal for concrete floors with a minimum assembly height of 60mm. The solid stainless steel lid is easy to assemble and adjust, is 15 mm tall and has no visible fixing screws. The lid can also take a weight of up to 150 kg and consists of one or more cable guards, allowing the lid to close easily even when several cables are connected.

An array of uses

The OCS Servicebox is particularly well suited to concrete floors, but with a little adjustment the box can also be fitted in a raised floor. By turning the assembly anchors 180 degrees and attaching them to the top of the sidewall, this floor box can be used in a hollow floor.

We do not advise you to use this floor box in aisles. The floor box is well suited to use along walls, fronts, underneath desks or other spaces, where there is almost no foot traffic.


The standard OCS Servicebox is available in a 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-way version. The standard box is equipped with 1- or 230V ground connected socket. If desired the empty positions can be added with multimedia connections, such as HDMI, VGA/Audio, XLR, CAI and Audio. The possible versions are listed in the article number overview below.


Product description

Water resistance 

IP class: IP20  (suitable for dry areas).

Conductor ports

The conductor ports are equipped with two or four notches of 20 mm diameter to lead the wire tube into the service box.


Lid: stainless steel – brushed, grain 320
Casing: silver Sendzimir galvanized steel.

Colour lid

Brushed stainless steel.


Servicebox 1
Casing incl. assembly anchors: 144 x 118 x 60 mm
Measures square casing: 102 x 118 x 60 mm
Stainless steel lid: 125 x 140 mm

Servicebox 2
Casing incl. assembly anchors: 189 x 118 x 60 mm
Measures square casing: 147 x 118 x 60 mm
Stainless steel lid: 169 x 140 mm

Servicebox 3
Casing incl. assembly anchors: 240 x 118 x 60 mm
Measures square casing: 198 x 118 x 60 mm
Stainless steel lid: 220 x 140 mm

Servicebox 4
Casing incl. assembly anchors: 285 x 118 x 60 mm
Measures square casing: 243 x 118 x 60 mm
Stainless steel lid: 265 x 140 mm


Suitable for 150 kg.

Extra information


Antraciet, Grijs, Metaalkleur


100-200 kg

Type unit





1x230V, 1xCAI, 1xDVI, 1xHDMI, 1xVGA, 1xXLR, 2xAudio, 2xUTP/STP


1-voudig, 2-voudig, 3-voudig, 4-voudig


Holle vloer, Stortvloer

Article numbers


Servicebox 1 Artikelnummer
1 x 230V33.72.043


Servicebox 2 Artikelnummer
2 x 230V33.72.001


Servicebox 3 Artikelnummer
2 x 230V + 1 x leeg – 45 x 45 mm33.72.013


Servicebox 4 Artikelnummer
2 x 230V + 2 x leeg – 45 x 45 mm33.72.028



Other versions available on request.

Download leaflets and manuals

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