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Instortvloerdoos serie 8600

The 8600 series is a beautiful row of floor boxes. The anodised aluminium lid can be locked without special tools. With a closed lid, this floor box is waterproof and may be cleaned with a damp mop. The box is made of solid aluminium and because of the allowed load of 250 kg, this floor box is very well suited to auto showrooms and entry halls.


These 8600 series standard floor boxes are available in a 1-, 3- and 4-way version and in addition to the 230V, have space for different multimedia connections such as data, HDMI, VGA/audio, XLR, CAI and Audio. There are therefore many possibilities with this series. OCS has naturally already designed many of these which you can see in the article number overview below. The floor boxes are always delivered complete with sockets and if you wish with multimedia connectors.


Product description

Water resistance 

IP class: IP44 (suitable in wet cultivated areas, when lid closed).

Conductor ports

The floor box is equipped with two conductor ports of Ø 20 mm located in the bottom side of the floor box.


Casing: aluminium, massive construction
Lid: anodized aluminium in stainless steel look.

Colour lid

anodized aluminium in stainless steel look.
Other RAL colours available on request. 


Series 8601

Casing: Ø 117 x 60 mm
Frame lid: Ø 140 mm, lid with lock
Conductor ports: 2 x 20 mm (2 x in bottom side)
Total weight: 0,8 kg

Serie 8604

Casing: Ø 200 x 100 mm
Frame: Ø 220 mm, lid with lock
Conductor ports: 2 x 20 mm (2 x bodem)
Total weight: 2,5 kg


Suitable for 250 Kg. If correctly installed, the floor box is drivable by a car.

Extra information





Type unit





1-voudig, 3-voudig, 4-voudig


1x230V, 1xCAI, 1xDVI, 1xHDMI, 1xKabeldoorvoer, 1xVGA, 1xXLR, 2xAudio, 2xTulp, 2xUSB, 2xUTP/STP



Article numbers


1 x 230V77.77.028
1 x 230V + 1 x CAT6A STP77.77.029


4 x 230V77.77.131
3 x 230V + 3x CAT6A STP77.77.132


PVC mantelbuis t.b.v. 860177.77.091

Other versions available on request.

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