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Bachmann bureau inbouwunit Top Frame zonder oplegrand

The TOP FRAME produced by the firm Bachmann offers an elegant solution to connect your power and multimedia connections through/to/in conference tables, desks and counters. A veneer of up to 0.6 mm can be glued to the flap making it a very unique design. When the flap is closed the unit is not visible in the worktop.

Assembling the unit in the worktop requires some craftsmanship, but the result is a complete and finished worktop. The power strip is connected with a Wieland GST18-3 connector and all other connections are bus bus connectors – just plug and play! Both on the system side as on the user side you can connect this unit with a connector or prefab. TOP FRAME is also available with a USB charger module which makes charging a smartphone or tablet very easy.


Thanks to the modular set-up the TOP FRAME comes in a variety of versions.

The standard Top Frame is made up of a separate power strip and a frame. It is available in a 4- and 8-way version.




Product description

Product description


Housing: sheet steel with black powder coating.
Lid: aluminium


– anodised and blasted aluminium (EV1)
– anodised and blasted black aluminium (EV6)
– anodised aluminium (E1/V1)


Mountingframe 4-way:
Dimensions frame: 300 x 92 x 98 mm
Saving: fraise: 303 x 110 mm

Mountingframe 8-way:
Dimensions frame: 482,5 x 92 x 98 mm
Saving: fraise: 485,5 x 110 mm

Extra information


Antraciet, Grijs

Type unit





4-voudig, 8-voudig


1x230V, 1xCAI, 1xDVI, 1xHDMI, 1xKabeldoorvoer, 1xVGA, 1xXLR, 2xAudio, 2xTulp, 2xUSB, 2xUTP/STP

Article numbers


Onderbouwframe Artikelnummer 
4-voudig – zwart925.100
8-voudig – zwart925.101


Deksel 4-voudig Artikelnummer 
aluminium geanodiseerd en gestraald (EV1)925.0044
aluminium zwart geanodiseerd en gestraald (EV6)925.0047
aluminium geanodiseerd (E1/EV1)925.0022


Deksel 8-voudig Artikelnummer 
aluminium geanodiseerd en gestraald (EV1)925.0034
aluminium zwart geanodiseerd en gestraald (EV6)925.0049
aluminium geanodiseerd en gestraald (EV1)925.0023


Inbouwmodule 4-voudigArtikelnummer
1 x 230V + 3 x leeg909.002
2 x 230V + 2 x leeg909.003
3 x 230V + 1 x leeg909.004
4x leeg909.000
2x 230V + 1x 2-voudige USB charger
+ 1x leeg


Inbouwmodule 8-voudigArtikelnummer
3x 230V + 1x 2-voudige USB charger
+ 4x leeg
2x 230V + 6x leeg909.005
3x 230V + 3x leeg909.006
4x 230V + 4x leeg909.007
5x 230V + 3x leeg909.008
6x 230V + 2x leeg909.009
8x leeg909.001

Other versions available on request.

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