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Bureau inbouwunit Power Frame

The POWER FRAME from the firm Bachman, previously known as Samos, combines style, quality and timelessness at an affordable price. The high quality and robust design are a welcome addition to any workplace. The unit can be easily installed in a desk or a worktop with a minimum thickness of 10mm.

Choose between just a frame or cover

This built-in unit can be designed to your taste. You can choose a narrow border that frames the power strip or a cover that hides the power strip and gives the workplace an elegant finish.


Due to the modular set-up the Power Frame can be delivered in many different versions. Choose your own version or pick from one of our most popular designs. OCS have added a number of standard versions to the assortment. You can find the article numbers in the overview below and with just one click you can request a quote.

The standard Power Frame consists of a separate frame and a separate power strip. It is available in a 3-, 4- and 6-way version.


Product description

Power Frame is standardly delivered with a 230V cable of 10 cm with a Wieland GST18-3 plug. Cables of different lenghts can be ordered separately. All other connections such as data, HDMI, VGA/Audio, USB 3.0 en audio are bus/bus connections. This means you casn easily install the connections with prefab cables.

For the empty module you can chose froma a variety of multimedia connections. In one empty position for example fits; 1x power; 1x VGA/Audio; 2x data; 1x data + 1x HDMI; 1x USB3.0 + 1x data; 1x HDMI + 1x Audio 3,5mm.
A data, HDMI, USB and Audio connection fit in every wished combination.

OCS destresses; we assemble every unit in our own warehouse. We deliver you a complete product. PLUG & PLAY!


Frame in steel with a RAL colour or brushed stainless steel



– Silvergrey RAL9006

– Black RAL9005

– White RAL9010

– Stainless steel 

Other colours available on request





Power Frame 3-way
Outside dimensions mounting frame: 241 x 73 mm
Outside dimensions lid: 255 x 87 x 8 mm
Mounting dimension frame: 225 x 60 mm

Power Frame 4-way
Outside dimensions mounting frame: 283,5 x 73 mm
Outside dimensions lid: 298 x 87 x 8 mm
Mounting dimension frame: 267,5 x 60 mm

Power Frame 6-way:
OUtside dimensions mounting frame: 368,5 x 73 mm
Outside dimensions lid: 382 x 87 x 8 mm
Mounting dimension frame: 352,5 x 60 mm

Mounting depth frame: 36 mm
Radius in corner: R5
Total depth: 70 mm (including cables underside module)

Extra information


Grijs, Metaalkleur, RAL-kleur, Wit, Zwart

Type unit





3-voudig, 4-voudig, 6-voudig


1x230V, 1xCAI, 1xDVI, 1xHDMI, 1xKabeldoorvoer, 1xVGA, 1xXLR, 2xAudio, 2xTulp, 2xUSB, 2xUTP/STP

Article numbers


Compleet samengestelde unitsArtikelnummer 
Zilvergrijs RAL 9006
– 3 x 230V
Zilvergrijs RAL9006
– 1 x 230V + 1 x CAT6 +2 x USB-charger
Zilvergrijs RAL 9006
– 2 x 230V + 2 x CAT6
 Zilvergrijs RAL 9006
– 2 x 230V + 1 x CAT6 + 1 x HDMI
Zilvergrijs RAL 9006
– 2 x 230V + 1 x CAT6 + 1 x USB
Wit RAL 9010
– 3 x 230V
 Wit RAL 9010
– 2 x 230V + 2 x CAT6
 Wit RAL 9010
– 2 x 230V + 1 x CAT6
+ 1 x USB
 Wit RAL 9010
– 2 x 230V + 1 x CAT6
+ 1 x HDMI
 Wit RAL 9010
– 1 x 230V + 1 x CAT6 + 2 x USB charger
Zwart RAL 9005
– 3 x 230V
Zwart RAL 9005
– 2 x 230V + 2 x CAT6
Zwart RAL 9005
– 2 x 230V + 1 x CAT6 + 1 x USB
 Zwart RAL9005 – 2 x 230V + 1 x CAT6 + 1 x HDMI 55.10.133
 Zwart RAL9005- 1 x 230V + 1 x CAT6 + 2 x USB charger  55.10.134


Inbouwframe 3-voudig Artikelnummer 
Zilvergrijs RAL9006915.000
Zwart RAL9005317.000
Wit RAL9010915.001


Inbouwframe 4-voudig Artikelnummer 
Zilvergrijs RAL9006317.006
Zwart RAL9005915.004
Wit RAL9010915.005


Inbouwframe 6-voudigArtikelnummer 
Zilvergrijs RAL9006317.007
Zwart RAL9005915.006
Wit RAL9010915.003


Cover 3-voudig Artikelnummer 
Zwart RAL9005915.022
Wit RAL9010915.503


Cover 4-voudig Artikelnummer 
Zwart RAL9005Op aanvraag
Wit RAL9010915.5094


Cover 6-voudig Artikelnummer 


Inbouwmodule 3-voudig Artikelnummer 
1 x 230V + 2 x leeg916.001
2 x 230V + 1 x leeg916.061
3 x 230V317.100
3 x leeg916.010
2 x 230V + 1 x 2-voudige USB charger916.0040


Inbouwmodule 4-voudig Artikelnummer 
4 x 230V916.054
2 x 230V + 2 x leeg916.0601
3 x 230V + 1 x leeg916.006


Inbouwmodule 6-voudigArtikelnummer
4 x 230V + 2 x leeg928.004
3 x 230V + 3 x leeg912.009
2 x 230V + 4 x leeg317.117

Other versions available on request.

Download leaflets and manuals

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